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5 ton air cooled flake ice

Refrigeration Plant Industrial Repairs

SWEP Plate Heat Exchangers

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated Trailers Built to Suit

68kg Cube Ice Bin


Coldroom Freezer Room Combination

OKM125M1 3000w

Cold room kits sets

5 ton flake ice

8hp Freezer Package Unit

Cold Freezer room control Boards built to specification

1000kg Flake Ice machine with Storage Bin

OKM125M 3000w

Cold rooms

PIR Panel Plain 4

PIR Panel Plain

2 x 2

1HP Package Unit 2

8 HP Freezer Equip 1

1200 Trailer Chiller 2

AC Security Cage

1500 Trailer 4

AC Gree Outdoor

AC Rainbowsend 1

Cold Room Kits Sets

AC Security Cages

Blow Torch + Hose & Bottle

Cold Room 2.4 x 2.8 x 2

Elite Bitzer Condensing Unit 3

Cold Rooms

Condensing Unit (1)

Elite Bitzer Condensing Unit 2

Ice Cube 227 318kg

Flake Ice 500kg With Bin 2

Ice Cube 68-85 110 kg

Ice Cube 159kg

OKM 50 Unit

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